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Miesięcznik CO JEST GRANE Kwiecień 2021 ONLINE

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Miesięcznik CO JEST GRANE - kwiecień 2021 - ONLINE
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Famous Jim Williams Presents: Open-Mic Night Special Valentine's Edition!

CO było GRANE - ARCHIWALNE TERMINY » » 9 271 wyświetleń od 4 lutego 2013

Wrocław » ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 50 » NA MAPIE

  • 10 lutego 2013, niedziela
    » 20:00

It's Open-Mic time again, and this time we've got something special for those of you who have been coming and watching and thinking, "I could do that... I want to do that... I'm too scared to do that..."

For this Special Valentine's edition of Open-Mic night, I'd like to invite as many people to the stage as possible to share their funny romance stories. Everyone has one, and I'm sure you do too. Tell us about your first kiss, the first time you met your wife, the first time you met your second wife, the first time you met your second wife's lover...

It's also been only men up on stage so far. I'm sure those men have women in their lives who could share a thing or two about being with a foreigner.

There's also men who love men and women who love women and men who love men and women and women who love women and men, and... you get the picture. Love comes in many forms and we want to hear about it!

And for our team of regulars who keep coming back for more punishment? Just so they don't get too comfortable there up on stage, we'll be giving them topics to talk about from the Hat of Love.

All this, plus a few valentine surprises you'll just have to be there to see.

So come join the love fest. If you're interested in appearing on stage, write an e-mail with the subject "open mic" to FamousJimWilliams@gmail.com. If you're interested in being in the audience, come to Nietota on Sunday, February10th at 8pm. Tickets are 5zl at the door, or FREE if you sign up to go on stage.

Date: Sunday, February 10th
Time: 8pm
Place: Klub Nietota
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 50, Wrocław

zmodyfikowano  8 lat temu  »  
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