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I really need to inform you about that characteristic place serving food. So some time ago I went to a new Supermercado El Guero No. 8, doing business as a grocery store. The food was tasty and the internal decor was lovely. It was located at 2101 W Cermak Rd, 60608 Chicago, IL. I really loved it. Interestingly, it was inspected on 23rd of August 2010. The type of inspection was complaint, with a result: fail and risk level categorized as risk 1 (high). The commission observed following infringements: 18. no evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written <a href="http://www.nowotwor24.pl/poradnie-nfz/">poradnie NFZ</a> log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: found front entrance doors with 1/2 inch gap at bottom right corner, 1/4 inch gap above said doors, and 1/4 inch gap under overhead delivery door at rear warehouse area by utility sink. also, noted 15 house flies at walls, ceiling, light shields, and around prep produce area, around inside garbage compactor, and above three compartment sink. found 30 fruit flies in the following areas: staff toilet rooms on second floor, onion storage area under produce display units at customer area, dry storage room  next to produce display area, butcher rear room by three compartment sink. instructed to clean, sanitize affected area, and recommend pest control to service premises. serious 7-38-020 issued.   | 19. outside garbage waste grease and storage area; clean, rodent proof, all containers covered - comments: the area outside of the establishment used for the storage of garbage shall be clean at all times and shall not constitute a nuisance.
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